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As an food texture improving solution provider, Qingdao Dehui Halobios Science and Technology co.,ltd.  has multiple solutions which can satisfy the needs from different types of clients. 

For Food Ingredients Dealer 

Products based on best price and high quality by this different demand 
clients. Qingdao Dehui Group recommends them the products which is
cheap and customized logo available. We can also provide you service like products recommendation and promotion support to help you to boost your business in your local markets.

For Food Manufacturer

We focus on the food texture and taste improving since 1996. High quality, customization and full range are the frequent requirement from our clients. We can supply the best technology and service team for you to solve the special and difficult problem.

Find Your Challenge Food Taste Combination

By continuously researching and exploring unique solutions with our customers, we 
can continuously increase the application portfolio of our products

All About Qingdao Dehui

Find your challenge food taste solution
Qingdao Dehui Halobios Science and Technology Co., Ltd. found in Jan. 1996. After 25 years of ups and downs, the original intention does not change adhere to innovative development.  

Dehui is dedicated to the purification, modification and compounding of natural plant gums with a focus on natural vegetable gums. It focuses on food texture research and provides you with a complete solution for food texture. “Provide you with good taste” is the goal we strive to pursue. 
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